Hi everyone,

Hi everyone,

This is the first post of my long anticipated blog (well at least for me). I’ve always known that I should share my process, share what I thought, how and why I do thing and with the compound effect over time it would become a pretty huge source of knowledge for all the people who want to understand me or maybe just any artist in general. I think its all about sharing, and it is precisely what I’m about to do.

In Brighton I threw my 2015 diary (I destroyed it to be more precise) because I wrote things about someone that I had thought was not as I mentioned him in my diary (and actually I was right he was exactly the way I thought he would be) and I regret I disposed of it. Why have I had to destroy it instead of just tearing one page out or scribbling over that excerpt? Because I want to tell the truth, I want pure honesty and this is my commitment, what I’ll give you and what I owe you. But still given the fact that my intuition ended up being true I’m still a bit sad about it, it was the diary I wrote when I was still in Paris trying to figure things out to get in the UK with all my excitation, despair, lonelinesses and all my crazy marketing plans that would all have failed in a great crash. Besides it would have been a great tool to prove the chronology of my songs since I’m starting with the end and that the end is the beginning.. of the end! (Any Smashing Pumpkins fan out there?)
So my 2015 diary was dancing with the fish, but what’s with my 2016 diary? I wanted it to stick out, and that a sign, I picked the color before I choose the color red as MY brand with my emblematic Red Vans “Scallet Footsteps”. However I struggle to write in it. Who can you trust? The NSA, Google and Apple this army of monkeys steal all our information so I can’t write on my computer, so I’m to write on paper, but if my diary is stolen it’s done. So I’ll never be able to pour out everything I think ever in this era of no privacy. That’s probably why its hard for me to feed daily a diary. Then that idea came, I want type my diary, I won’t put it on paper, I will write it on hearts, human hearts, your heart. You are my living diary, my witnesses, and my testaments.
​I also like that idea of quickly jolting down my thoughts and spreading it. I’m writing the way I think (well I have to double check it though) but it’s exactly the way I speak with my friends in real life. An idea, a discussion. Imagine you’re here with me and we’re having a chat and I’m explaining you my point of view, that’s how you should read me.


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