Rae Morris – Walls

“This Walls, they fall.”

After posting my first article on my blog I’ve been struck  by how fast people had responded to it, but foremost I went myself as way to thank them on their respective blogs to discover to my great amazement that people were actually pouring they hearts out when I knew nothing about.
We are all caged in this heartless society, so much that I became too colder and colder, even as and artist I grew tired of always being exposed and vulnerable, while people barely share with you what they ate for breakfast. Especially at work, the corporate paradigm chokes the heart, the corporate paradigm chokes art. I thought was the last one who was talking about his feelings, I thought I was the last one with emotions.

What is really interesting in our society is that everyone enjoy faking they are emotional.Yet that only occurs for accidents, deaths, or surprisingly enough, for music or series, while they hearts are closed facing the human misery in front of their eyes on a daily basis, when it’s broadcasted on national  TV or played on Spotify, all a sudden everyone should cry, as though we enter the era of programmed emotionality. And conversely when you are talking about your own emotion not as a group, but as a feeling creature, you are considered as a pariah, and friends and family just don’t wanna hear of it.

Therefore it was with great relief and bliss that I entered the blogosphere to only understand that people were talking about their feeling way before me, and that they were way ahead of me. I, thus spurred by this true love for the reader I make a commitment unto you, my fiend, my love, my kohai, my child. I too shall be open-hearted on everything that travels my heart, it a blog not longer, but a gate to my inner-self.


PS: Walls is my favorite song of Rae Morris, but as often after your major debut, germs go missing along the way. 


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