I sometimes have the impression to live in a manga, really. 

Always being the underdog fighting for the widow and the orphan can be quite exhausting after a while. I don’t see what else I could do though. Sitting on the sideline witnessing the world going to its ruin, letting the people in their misery without caring about the very persons that fed me when I was hungry, or just giving up, well that’s not for me. There’s NO WAY! Because,

I’ll be the  King of Pirate! 

That sound childish, if not immature, but I’m fighting in the adult world. I should even say that when I’m the only one in my entourage talking about debts, indoctrination , police states, surveillance states, institutional militarization etc I fell like I’m the only adult in the area, sorry. But I try to keep the heart of a child while my mind is old, too old. 

In my thoughts, I feel already old and grey.

Why, because at 26 I’ve been thinking night and day about how to improve people lives, I’ve been thinking about how to give you your freedom and dignity back, but eveytime I start, talking about the reasons why I fight, people stand gaping and tell me “why do you wanna change thing?” And I wanna scream are you freaking kidding me? But no they’re serious.

That why I have to execute a sort of  “consciousness hold up” that’s why I should “steal your mind” and lead you to thinking by yourself, it sounds counterintuitive when you talk about freedom but, think a for moment, you are already under the propaganda of the media. I should then become a pirate, and not any of them, the king of pirates. Or in other words I should become a sort of Robin Hood of your mind, stealing it for the government to give it back to you. Got it?

It sounds like a flowery dream, but I’m living a nightmare. It’s not fair, what am I doing there?
Take care,




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