B.o.B-Nothin’ On You (feat. Bruno Mars)

I sometimes feel like Kurt Cobain, rejecting the Pop world but desperately willing my song to be heard beyond frontiers.
That’s Kurt Cobain’s ambivalence: hating fame as much as he craved for it.
It’s about the same mixed feeling that I got for Pop music.

I think eventually, I’ll become a Pop act.

The lie I say to people is that “my aim is to make my music the new Pop” but what I mean by that no doubt if you ask my shrink is that I wanna become Pop.
Well, I’ll never suffer the fact that in spite of all the people they can reach Pop act don’t convey any message that could improve the condition of humankind. Obviously we need light songs, love songs, breakups songs and so on and so forth, but once offstage people with so much reach should commit to fight for certain causes.

So no, I’m not Pop, never was, never will be, if you think about that side of Pop music.

I like big shows, big promotions, the deep pockets for expensive visuals that last (unlike, all due respect, the amateur videos on YouTube. Some are greet and pleasant to watch, but they don’t last, and how arrogant should you be as a starting artist to think that you can do the job of experienced talented video makers. Likewise you’d find that very arrogant if a filmmaker started to make music for a movie because he bought Logic for $200. Music is an art, and filming is an art as well, you can never beat an experimented filmmaker) professional photos, digital teams etc I like it as a musician, but foremost as a fan.
I’m appealed to anything professional, and when the artist could express everything they want to.
The truth is that I’m forced to acknowledge the effect of Pop music in my life. Pop music changes my life every time I heard a good song, great vocals, or amazing production. Pop music helps me leave my room, it changes my mood,it helps me fight back 

I always feel like Kurt Cobain shyly presenting About A Girl to the rest of the band because it sounded “Pop”

All my life I was listening to Pop songs like Max Martin, who started in a Heavy Metal band has always been studying Pop tracks on the side – he is now the king of Pop worldwide.
I sometimes feel like writing lighter song, but the burden of my mission weighs heavy on my mind. 

The people is suffering, somebody has to speak out for them, but if I don’t do it, who will? The responsibility is huge, but I embrace it with great pride, helping other has become my “raison d’être” my purpose, the only reason why I will.

But deep inside I’ve always been willing to do Pop songs, light things, enjoying life and carelessly let the future take care of itself. Instead of that I have to act, react, train and anticipate, besides I have to feel and understand the pain of each and everyone and fight for all of you. Till I die.
At work they were always playing the same songs, one caught my attention, I shazamed it (soundhounded it to be more precise) and found out that it was a track featuring Bruno Mars, and I hated Bruno Mars, because, I was jealous. You won’t find that type of honesty in most artists. He is now my favorite contemporary Pop artist, after me. And also one of my biggest inspiration. 

Bruno Mars’ vocals on Nothin’ On You saved my career as a singer. These choruses convinced me that I can always do better.

The whole track is a masterpiece, the production is impressive, the rap part is accessible and charming, I hope they won a Grammy for this song, or even more. 
What also really inspired me was the whole progression of Bruno Mars, from being an Elvis impersonator, to getting signed by Motown, working day and night to be introduced to Atlantic Records, grinding with his crew to songwrite constantly, ending up with dimes like Nothin On You and Billionaire, and then just taking off and be constantly good at it.
What conformed me is that, it took years. 
I don’t have to feel bad because it takes time for me, not only to gather the fund, or to know the equipment or my craft,

I takes time for some artists to know who they are.

I told my mum once “I can do anything” what I meant was “I can be anyone” on that’s the danger. That’s why I have to split who I am into several different PB. But also because I haven’t found any “art soulmate” that would complete me as an artist, therefore I’m feeling the gap myself with my own personalities. 
But that’s another subject, shout out to Bruno Mars and his crew

Much love,



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