Noise-Canceling headphones come from a new technology (not that new actually) but it changed my life. This new way to listen, I was so used to have my listening space clogged with parasite noises that this technology makes me feel like I’m experiencing music through a closed wide big open space and that’s refreshing (if it makes sense)! The only downside is that I was so use to those parasite noises that I was putting the volume at all time, and as you know the louder a song the more our brains tricks us into believing that the song is good. So although I could listen more accurately to music I also ironically enough had the impression that the music touched me less, basic acoustic misconception. (Edit: well not anymore)

But foremost the mixing hack is that,

More than gears while mixing, the room you are in is crucial. Besides you can even argue that in a good sounding even listening on headphones feels better.

And that’s true. So that’s my hack , (good) noise-cancelling headphones can

1) make you feel in a familiar environement.

2) help you go beyond how bad the room you are mixing in sounds.

First tip! Woot woot!




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