People baffle me with their inability to control what they say.

The other night a customer came at the bar and asked for a Guinness I answered him,

“Sorry we don’t have any Guinness.”

And he answered to my great surprise,

“Uh, you don’t know Guinness.”

How crazy is that?
Again, I came at one table and asked,

Have you ordered yet?”

She answered,

“I think I ordered.”

What is it supposed to mean?
Another example I told to one of my coworkers,

“For my lyrics it’s easy to go from French to English, because English has three times more words.

He paraphrased what I said one day to another coworker saying,

“PB told me the other day that French didn’t have any word.

You heard it coming, the Pathology alarm sign.

Confucius when asked what he would do if he entered politics said,

“I would change the words.”

Controlling one’s words is controlling oneself. 

I think like Hobbes, my philosophical basis starts the definition of the words.

 That’s how you enter reality.

Having so many people not controlling what they say makes you realize how easy it is for the ones who control that to actually control people, namely the propaganda agents.
It requires self-control and wisdom.


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