Mental Health,


I find it crazy and really highly hypocritical that every media and government all over the world right now are talking about mental health after all the things they purposely do to mess up with our heads, mind and psyche.

The list is long : Propaganda, the entertainment industry, GMO, pesticide, food poisoning, sugar dependency, alcohol, drugs, war on drugs, lies for the media, fake news, wars, mass manipulations, collective paranoia, war on terror, wars, division between communities, low salaries, the cost of life, debts (which is the food of the rich) no prospect for the future for neither you or your children, capped salaries based of hours worked that force you to slave away your time and makes your employer control your life, rotational shift (which is, combined with capped minimum salaries, the closest thing to slavery), the infamous burnouts created by the government and corporations, orchestrated mass depression, surveillance States that (it has been proven) damage people mental health since they feel (and are) always observed. Oh and I almost forgot the pharmaceutical industry. And many other thing that, I sure forgot. So basically

The more sedated we are the better it is for them.

However, as they are responsible for he global state of mental health, why would they possibly attract people attention on it, shouldn’t they instead keep it low? Well my dear friend that’s the crux, they only open their big nefarious mouths because they have a plan in the back of their snake heads, and it is called


The madness of this word comes from its semantic itself. The two main meanings of the word normalization are

  1. to normalize, to make something “normal” accepted and common to people.
  2. to nomalize, people by injecting them with drug in order to make them more submissive, obedient, less creative and less inclined to rebel against the established order.

And this is the second meaning of the term that they intend to apply.

As I told you it has always started with the media, the entertainment industry, food, drugs, pills and worse vaccines as well as in the creation of psychological insane concept like the Child King that can’t never be discipline because he/she was right about everything from birth and who inevitably gonna be messed up as a teenager,

but wait! The government has the answer, give some pills to your kids, normalize the crap out of ’em!

Legendary A&R Johm Kalodner said something that really resonated with me (I paraphrase)

“They won’t be any Rock Star in the future because kids are all being normalized.”

Wow! Now that was a shock for me. I sort of sensed it but he just put a nail on the coffin of my little hopes. A few month after, I can’t spend a single day without reading something about mental health, on social media, in newspaper and even in the street!

So what’s the plan? You won’t have the gall to tell me it’s because you have our best interest at heart, that’d be a first. We know what you did, we know what you’ve done, and we know what you’re about to do.

So don’t lie

You’ve been poisoning the very concept of reality by your mere existence. Don’t say you care.

But YOU the people WAKE UP! They don’t care about us, they don’t care about our health because they are the very reason why we are unhealthy to begin with! They don’t want to cure us with their drugs because these drugs are the very poison they want to use to do control us!

Beware, it’s becoming crazy, and we are attacked from every direction,

But I have every all the reasons to believe that they too will think they are becoming crazy when, together and united we will stand against them and gather from all direction.


Stay Blessed

Much Love,






I remembered the other day of a strange episode in my life. One day I had to buy a travel card for Paris public transports but the office where you had to take the photo for it was inside the station. So you had to validate you ticket to enter the station and then make your card, which doesn’t really make sense if you want my opinion.
My mum was there and passed me her card so that I could get into the station and get my card at length. 

Two police officers were there, a man an a woman. They were there for security purpose and had nothing to do as to whether people paid their tickets or not. My mum passed me then her card and when the police officers saw me, the woman just lost it. I told her that I was making my card in this building but she was enraged. She took it personally, I could guess what she was thinking

How could you pass by me, haven’t you notice that I had an uniform.

Following the procedure she had to call on the man to do the search and I was searched in from of my mother.

I think she forgot about it, but as a Black man, I don’t want my mother to ever see me with the police for whatever reason it may be. 
But foremost what surprised me was that woman. I thought the the need to assert one’s power was something exclusively reserved to men and they phallocracy.Had she just showed discontent (and I’m focusing on her because the man didn’t react, or didn’t care but surely did not take it as a direct attack to his person. He did search me and supported his colleague, which is a good thing in itself, but did not really show any sign of approval of disapproval,vwhich is cowardly) and talk to me I would have told her the situation (oh Actually I did, and she just didn’t listen, she was simply so furious, do you believe that). Eventually I just went through, had my card and went home. As I told you I couldn’t be fined of anything since they were there to “keep the place safe”.
Ultimately I don’t blame her to stopping me when she saw me do what could be seen as an infraction (Wait, did I travel after? No. So I didn’t travel for free, so I’m so did not commit any infraction). But in her mind it was as if I disrespected her directly, or more precisely as if I disrespect her wearing an uniform, which actually means that in her eyes I trampled the uniform underfoot. And I thus conclude,

A woman when wearing an uniform can be as stupid as a man.

Which actually make sense, in all anticipation novel we see an army of fascist man in the police oppressing people, but it doesn’t fit reality, there will be women too for the Police State.

Because the enemy isn’t the policeman or the policewoman. But the uniform.

The uniform gives them the illusion of power and to preserve the miserable symbol that it embodies they are ready to severe everyone from their liberties.

Stupidity belongs to men, and to woman who imitate them.
Stay safe, if you can.

PS: or maybe was she wearing an uniform because she wanted respect. It doesn’t matter, it’s pathetic either way.